All of the regular posts on Hodan Ibrahim’s site are available free of charge with no advertising or sales pitches.

Along with free content, I also offer a series of E-Books for sale. These products provide more detailed strategies and tactics for all your disruptive changemaking needs; a few of the books are written on much needed, yet largely unmentioned topics.

I will be relaunching my online book store for February 2015. 

Following books will be on sale as of Feb 15th 2015

  1. FREE A Brief Guide To World Domination For The Muslim Woman
  2. Guide to Entrepreneurship: Attempts to Resurrect Entrepreneurship in Muslim Communities
  3. How To Be An Entrepreneur For The Muslim Woman Entrepreneur
  4. The Ultimate Guide for Practical Solutions to Dealing with Overbearing Parents and Cultural Pressures in Immigrant Communities
  5. How To Bullshit College, Skip Classes and Pass(So You Can Spend Time Doing What You Love)



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