Mastermind Group

I hold a private mastermind for a group of women of color. I started it to provide support to people from historically marginalized, underresourced or underserved backgrounds who have extreme drive, work-ethic and passion to improve their lives and the lives of others. The current business and personal development ecosystem is full of individuals who really aren’t intouch with the daily realities of people who are working against social and cultural discrimination, obstacles and barriers. It isn’t a matter of inspiration and motivation. Just like all hardwork isn’t equal, all struggle isn’t equal either. Understanding how systems are built to keep certain people from advancing in society is something I want to actively work to create awareness for and work against. My belief is that sharing my entrepreneurial, and personal experience through a private weekly mastermind group for aspiring or current entrepreneurs, creatives, builders and innovators from these communities is the only way to do.


  • Referral-based. People with proved track record to build, improve are allowed. We don’t accept everyone and carefully curate those who are will
  • Program: Everyone is immediately enrolled into a premier goal-setting program with guaranteed results
  • Weekly Accountability You set your goals and will weekly calls to keep you accountable to making sure your achieve what you set out on a weekly basis.
  • Community: You are immediately tapping into highly-drive, focused and goal-oreinted individuals, who have similar backgrounds and are able to share common and past experiences.

Early 2015 Private Mastermind is closed. Next round will open early April 2015.

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