As a person of color, one of the hardest things to access is capital. Our communities have incredible resources but sometimes are unequipped to understand how to fund businesses and start-ups, even more so identifying these individuals.

At Ummahhub, we will be launching a no-strings attached monthly $1000 fund as a way to help fund early stage entrepreneurs, start-ups and organizations that need money to kick start their awesome projects that benefit their communities. The best way to prevent social issues from escalating is to make sure to incentivize and enable positive projects that intend to contribute to long-term community prosperity.

Our fund will be city-focused to ensure money goes to support development of local projects by 10 individuals who will comprise of a trustee that contribute $100/per month and we will expand as demand grows for each city inshaa allah.

Our vision is that we will grow and be able to fund more and more entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers in the future by providing seed capital to enable them to take the next step on their projects.

Launch date March 1st 2015

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